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Welcome to the UST Department of Philosophy!

Philosophy in the University of Santo Tomas emanates from the Medieval emphasis on studia humanitatis, a humanistic education rooted in the great intellectual traditions that attempt to form human beings according to cultural, moral, and aesthetic ideals derived from a diversity of cultures and civilizations.  Humanistic disciplines encompass philosophy, literature, history, archeology, religions, languages, arts and music, and cultural studies; moreover, the humanistic spirit is also shared by various social sciences, such as, political science, sociology, and economics-discourses which tackle the social life-world of men.

The Department of Philosophy oversees the administration of the civil Philosophy programs of UST, separate, but an offshoot, from the University's Ecclesiastical Faculty of Philosophy which administers the Ecclesiastical degrees.

The Department of Philosophy forms an integral part of the Faculty of Arts and Letters where the Bachelor of Arts (AB) in Philosophy program is being offered.  Moreover, the Department of Philosophy services the whole university via the administration of the General Education Philosophy courses.  Supervision of the graduate Philosophy programs, the Master of Arts (MA) and the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), is also the responsibility of the Department of Philosophy.

The main teaching and research strengths of the Department's faculty members, both in the undergraduate and graduate levels, are:

   Eastern Philosophy (Chinese, Indian, Filipino)
   East-West Comparative Philosophy
   Thomism and Scholasticism
   European Philosophy

These teaching and research strengths are further enhanced through continuous faculty development activities, research, and publication.

Contact Us

Assoc. Prof. Paolo A. Bolanos, PhD

Department of Philosophy
Rm. 109, Main Building
University of Santo Tomas
Espana, Manila 1015

Tel no: (63-2) 406-1611 loc. 8669
Fax no: (63-2) 749-9779

Center of Excellence for Philosophy

Vision and Mission

The Department of Philosophy envisions a vibrant community of faculty and students, a community impassioned by curiosity, learning, compassion, and spirituality.

The Department of Philosophy envisions a comprehensive civil program via the administration of AB, MA, and PhD programs, as well as the offering of General Education Courses to the various Colleges of the University.

The Department of Philosophy envisions a competent teaching force through continuous faculty development. which may come in the following: 1) support for the degree completion of young faculty, 2) support for conference participation and attendance, and 3) hosting of various philosophical conferences, workshops, and, especially, the Work-in-Progress (WIP) seminar which is an important venue of academic exchange for faculty members and graduate students.

The Department of Philosophy envisions a research-oriented community of scholars who continue to explore and advance the assertions of the discipline.  The Department's research culture is maintained by the continuous assignment of research units to faculty members, allowing them to work on and deepen their grasp of their chosen individual areas of study.  The results of these various research works are published in the form of monographs, occasional papers, textbooks, and scholarly journal publications.  Moreover, the Department is committed to the continuous publication of its official academic journal, Kritike: An Online Journal of Philosophy.

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