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As a  discipline that seeks the truth, and is a guide for life, the program  aims to analyze the different aspects of reality, to see their  interrelations, and to combine them into a systematic whole. The study  of Philosophy involves not only of the objects under investigation, but  also of the subject who investigates not only the thought, but also the  thinker. Most importantly, the study teaches the students to think  analytically and critically to enable them to give a deeper insight into the nature of man, of things, and of values to live by.

Philosophy,  as a basic undergraduate subject, is offered in all Colleges of the  University in the form of Service Courses, such as, Logic, Philosophical  Anthropology, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Information and  Technology, Ethics, etc. Meanwhile, the AB in Philosophy degree is  offered at the Faculty of Arts and Letters.

Program Outcomes for AB in Philosophy Degree

The  civil A.B. in Philosophy Program is administered in the Faculty of Arts  and Letters and the curriculum is divided into five course categories:  1) General Education Courses (subdivided into Basic Courses and Service  Courses), 2) Core Subjects, 3) Major Subjects, 4) Seminar Courses, and  5) Research Courses.

As  Commission on Higher Education Center of Excellence for Philosophy and  informed by the Vision and Mission of the Department of Philosophy, the  A.B. in Philosophy curriculum of the Faculty of Arts and Letters is one  of the most comprehensive in the country and is designed to help  students in achieving the following outcomes:

  • Demonstrate critical thinking and ethical consciousness.  The teaching of "General Education Courses" (or "Service Courses" to  non-philosophy majors) will introduce philosophy students to the basic  philosophical branches and sub-branches, to develop their critical  reasoning skills, and make them cognizant of socio-politico-ethical  issues relevant to human beings and society.

  • Evaluate and articulate various philosophical  positions or theories. The teaching of "Core Subjects" and "Major  Subjects" to philosophy students will familiarize them with  philosophical issues, from the most rudimentary to the most complex,  gleaned from the various traditions in the global history of philosophy  (East and West). Through this, students will be firmly grounded in the  various complex philosophical debates which, in turn, become the  foundation of comparison, criticism, and defense of these philosophical  theories.

  • Contribute to the development of philosophical  discourse. It is the ultimate aim of the AB Philosophy Program to  instill the value of philosophical research among the students. With a comprehensive mastery of various philosophical theories, students are guided by mentors to explore and foster the key areas of strength of the Department (Eastern Philosophy, East-West Comparative Philosophy,  Thomism and Scholasticism, and European Philosophy). Philosophy students are exposed to more complex philosophical issues and new philosophical trends via "Seminar Courses." Moreover, as a final requirement of the program, students contribute to the exploration and fostering of these key areas of strength by conducting and submitting their own research through "Research Courses." This training will then prepare the students for graduate studies in philosophy.

  • Apply in other professional areas and industries. In addition to intensive training in the key areas of strength of the Department and in philosophical research, it is an important aim of the AB Philosophy Program to prepare its students for other professions, such as, religious, legal, and government, inter alia.

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