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AB Program Prospectus

Freshman Year

First Semester (24 units)

ENGL 1 Introduction to College English           
LIT 101 World Literatures                                 
HST 101 History of Civilization I
PHL 1/101 Introduction to Philosophy
ETAR Economics, Taxation, and Agrarian Reform
THY 1 Salvation History
SCL 101 Society & Culture
PHL 201 History of Philosophy I: East

Second Semester (24 units)

ENG 2 Reading & Thinking Skills for Academic Study
LIT 102A Philippine Literatures
CWG Contemporary World Geography
PHL 2/102 Logic
THY 2 Church and Sacraments
MATH 101 College Algebra
PGC Philippine Government & Constitution
PHL 202 History of Philosophy II: West

Sophomore Year

First Semester (24 units)

ENG 3 Academic Writing
NS 101 Physical Science
PSY 1 General Psychology
PHL 103 Philosophical Anthropology
HST 102 History of Civilization 2
PHL 5 Christian Ethics
PHL 203 Metaphysics
PHL 204 Epistemology

Second Semester (24 units)

NS 201 Biological Science
FIL 1 Sining ng Pakikipagtalastasan
ENG 4 Oral Communication in Context
SCL 3 The Social Teaching of the Church
MATH 600A Statistics
PHIST Philippine History
RC Rizal Course
PHL 301 Scholasticism

Junior Year

First Semester (24 units)

SPN 1 Elementary Spanish
FIL 2 Pagbasa at Pagsulat
LIT 103 Survey of Literary Masterpieces 1
COMP Comp. Science and Information Technology
PHL 205 Philosophy of Religion
PHL 207 Social and Political Philosophy
PHL 209 Indian Philosophy
PHL 302 Rationalism and Empiricism

Second Semester (21 units)

FIL 3 Retorika
SPN 2 Intermediate Spanish
LIT 104 Survey of World Literature 2
PHL 206 Aesthetics (with Art Appreciation)
PHL 303 Theorizing Enlightenment and Modernity
PHL 304 Phenomenology and Existentialism
PHL 501 Philosophical Research I

Senior Year

First Semester (20 units)

PHLFL Latin/German/French
PHL 104 Ethical Systems
PHL 210 Chinese Philosophy
PHL 306 American Philosophy
PHL 307 Dialectical Materialism
PHL 401 Philosophy Seminar Course I
PHL 502 Philosophical Research II

Second Semester (19 units)

SCL 9 Marriage and the Family
PHL 208 Philosophy of Science
PHL 305 From Hermeneutics to Deconstruction
PHL 308 German and French Critical Theory
PHL 309 Philosophy of History
PHL 402 Philosophy Seminar Course II
PHL 503 Philosophical Research III

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